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Important Announcements:

Update from June 4th...  With the Stay-at-Home lifted, games will begin on Monday, June 15th, with changes from prior years for the Health and Safety of players, umpires, spectators, ALL.  BRMSA has adopted the following new guidelines.  
#1: congregation of players in the dugouts not allowed, equipment can stay and players outside the dugouts
#2: player hand-shakes after the completion of games will not be done anymore
#3: we will NOT require the use of facemasks.

Additionally from District Health Department 10, this was received today:

The new EO 2020-110 contains this information(#14 (a))  “Outdoor fitness classes, athletic practices, training sessions, or games, provided that coaches, spectators, and participants not from the same household maintain six feet of distance from one another  at all times during such activities, and that equipment and supplies are shared to the minimum extent possible and are subject to frequent and thorough disinfection and cleaning.”

 The above is allowed under EO 2020-110. and allows the play of outdoor sports and recreation.

Update following May 4th BRMSA Board Members meeting for 2020...
-- Following state guidelines, our first priority is that ALL players, umpires, and spectators remain safe and not in harm's way for the coronavirus which is being watched closely, and we will begin scheduling the summer season with the alignments that have been sent to coaches the evening of Tuesday May 5th.  Any special requests for scheduling, please send via the Contact Page on this site and emails will go to the persons scheduling, with the following dates in mind, as long as not stoppages from State guidelines:

If Play is allowed to begin before this date:
#1: June 15th -- allows nights for a full 16-game schedule - fees $500
#2: June 29th -- allows nights for a 12-game season - fees reduced to $375
#3: July 13th  -- allows nights for an 8-game season - fees reduced to $250
#4: if delays keep starting before these dates, the Board will review and contact ALL

Withholding of fees until we can get started so there will not be any need to return monies.

A meeting to handout schedules will not take place this year, schedules can be found on the appropriate tab of the website and can be printed at your convenience.   

from May 1st...
It has been brought to the attention of the BRMSA Board that information is going around that
is untrue, BRMSA 2020 has NOT been cancelled, if you have heard this, please disregard.  This 
week the Board will be meeting to finalize plans for seasons starting the 1st week of June.  We
will follow State guidelines for safety of anyone around the parks.  Please check back, any 
updates will be posted here.  Thank you - Lee.

Pics from 2019 Spring Fling tournament Champions & Runner's Up below. 

Board Members

President: Lee Yarrington [Contact the President]

Treasurer: Tracey R. Smith-Clark [Contact]

Head Umpire: Ron Clark [Contact]

Vice President: Josh Young
Secretary:  Josh Pyles
League Ambassador: Dan Horan
Violations Chairperson: Bill Harris

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